Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 19, 2015
There was more discussion on how we would like to approach this year's art challenges.  It was decided in February, we would explore Neutral Colors.  For some this will develop into a series; for others, it will be a continuation of the Neutral Colors design shown earlier this year.  While not a locked in challenge, members decided they would like a "nudge".  A different idea or Nudge will be posted each month.

Taking your earlier design idea or just continuing your neutral colors theme, this is the Nudge possibility for next meeting.  (1)  Define your parameters.  This is a thing that won't change as your design develops.  Consider your technique, size, colors.  Your choice on what you wish to focus upon. Pick something that will not change from the last piece.  (2) How did you use color, shape, texture and/or line?  How important or dominant part of the work are they?  What three things did you love about your design or use of neutrals?  What three things did you think you could do better?

In our April meeting, Cynthia St Charles showed two new creations in her wind farm series.  No pictures were taken as these will be sent to an invitational show soon.  She asked for our input on which one to send in, but no consensus was reached.  They were both beautifully different.  Cheryl shared three new quilt tops she recently finished, playing with designs formed from cutting up and reforming basic blocks.  I apologize for not taking pictures of these.  We discussed recent calls from our regional SAQA representative who is proposing a regional show at a gallery in Idaho.  More on this as it develops.  There was a lot of discussion on the Big Sky Quilt Retreat.  Thanks again to the Wyoming and Billings members who helped share wonderful art quilts with the attendees.