Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May WAV Show and Tell

Jane Neale, of Powell, WY did this clown quilt for a guild challenge. The challenge was to use the colorful hot air balloon fabric in a quilt. It placed in the challenge - that is what the ribbon at the top of the quilt indicates.

Linda MacDonald brought this quilt for show and tell. It is a bed sized quilt.

Jeanne Knudsen is explaining about the round robin quilts brought by three of the group members from Wyoming. The one on the left is "Our Home by the River" and belongs to Jane Neale. The one on the right has a Wizard of Oz theme. It belongs to Linda MacDonald.

Jane Neale is looking at Kathy Lichtendahl's final project from a class at Northwest College. You can learn more about this project and class by reading Kathy's blog.

This is Jeanne's round robin quilt - theme is under the sea.

Below is Cynthia St Charles' show and tell piece - "Leaves and Twigs" Learn more about it on Cynthia's blog.

May WAV Meeting

Jeanne's birthday muffins.

Jeanne's program - she shared a slick technique for making a beautifully turned under curved frame for a quilt block.

Kathy Lichtendahl's hat and bag made with the salvaged fabric.

Below: Group members admiring the show and tell quilts.

Baby Shower

WAV member Carol with guest of honor - baby Bret, 2 months old.

Kari Adams cuddles baby Bret while Carol opens gifts.

Cuddly quilt made by Kathy Hammond. She used a variety of different textures for tactile enrichment.

Below are gifts made using Salvaged fabric. On the left is a doll made by Kathy Lichtendahl and on the right is a teddy bear made by Jeanne Knudsen.