Monday, December 16, 2013

December 2013

Twelve members were present for our annual Christmas party.  Delicious food and wine was shared, as well as a handmade gift exchange with the theme "green".

Everyone agreed that we learned a lot from our monthly challenges this year, and we will continue with this practice in 2014 with a focus on Color.
Our challenges will be  s small format (8" x 10" or 12" x 12").  No one will be measuring!
Our discussions will focus on "why" we made our choices, rather than "how".  These discussions will take the place of a "program" presentation.  For more information, see Cynthia's comments in the right hand column.

It was suggested that in the summer months we have some "playtime" where we can explore new tools, techniques, etc.

Linda J brought a book New Creative Artist, by Nita Leland.  Here is a link to her website :   called Exploring Color and Creativity.

Kathy H knows of a bookstore in Thermopolis, WY, where we can show our stretched canvas challenge pieces.  She will follow up with Cynthia about this.

Pictured are some of the beautiful hand made gifts exchanged this year.  We have a very talented and inspiring group!  Next year's gift exchange theme is Ornament or Ornamentation.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nov 2013

The WAV group met on November 17, 2013, and our topic was Scale, described as size in relation to another object.  To the right are examples of Scale that were brought to the meeting and discussed.

We had good attendance this month with: Cynthia, Brooke, Phyllis, Cheryl, Linda C, Pegee, Lynn, Laura, Wanda, Linda J, Kathy H, Kathy L, and Linda M.

Brooke demonstrated how she uses MistyFuse as both a stabilizer and an adhesive.  We all played with fabric samples that had the adhesive attached.  Cynthia mentioned we could use a Bounce dryer sheet to clean the iron surface if some adhesive gets on there.  Brooke uses a Mr. Clean sponge for this purpose.

MistyFuse can be purchased by the roll at

Our Christmas Party will be held on December 15th.  Bring food to share and a Green gift to exchange.
Linda Cleve showed us her Cody High Style fashion show on youtube

Since so many of us were together at one time, I took photos.
Lynn, Linda C, Linda J, Cynthia  (above)

Kathy H, Pegee, Brooke

Kathy L, Phyllis, Cheryl

Linda Mac is behind the camera!

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 2013

If you missed the August meeting, you missed a good time and lively discussions.  I am grateful to be part of this inspiring and encouraging group.

The meeting opened with a discussion about our Stretching Boundaries exhibit.  Linda M gave an email of interest expressed by Sue Blakley who heads up the WY Fiber Art Trails project.  Ms. Blakely has many connections throughout Wyoming, and wants more information about our exhibit so she can contact others about possible venues.  Kathy H knows her and told more about her activities.
Cynthia mentioned that some venues want a fee, and the question of shipping costs was discussed.  We decided to provide $10 for each piece we submitted to the exhibit to cover any shipping and fees.  Cynthia collected the "pot" to give to Phyllis who was not present.

It was a great meeting, and, unfortunately, I forgot my camera to record it for this site.  The design element for August was Perspective.
Linda M showed the piece with her granddaughters walking down the railroad tracts (to infinity), and a work in progress with glass bottles reflected on a glass shelf.
Kathy H enlarged photos she took of rock formations which looked like faces in the rocks, and explained she may begin a series with these images as inspiration;
Pegee had a baseball diamond with a bat and a ball flying thru the air, either toward the bat, or away from the bat, depending on your interpretation;
Cheryll's piece was a close-up of part of a flower (a bug's eye view), and since she will miss the next meeting she also made two pieces showing Proportion and Scale.;
Laura showed black and white leaves, with some overlapping others for depth;
Cynthia' view of windmills became smaller as they faded into the distance; and
Wanda's piece was the silhouette of a girl in the corner of a room, looking outward.
All were great interpretations of perspective.

There was a discussion on similarities and differences between Proportion and Scale.  As I understood it, it was decided that Proportion is parts to a whole. such as 3/4 sky to 1/4 land in a landscape.  Proportion is next month's design element.  If I misinterpreted this, please correct me.  Scale is the same object but shown in different sizes.  I think we are all learning a lot using the design elements as our monthly theme.

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 2013

This month's lesson was on Contrast.

Phyllis and Pegee discussed museums and galleries they have contacted about hanging our show: Stretching Boundaries, A Decade of Textile Art.

Cynthia suggested those of us who are SAQA members make our challenge pieces as 12 inch squares so they can be sent to the SAQA auction next year.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2013, Challenge due


There were seven of us present, and we displayed our Challenge pieces.  The beautiful pieces show the diversity of this talented group.  We decided not to post photos of them at this time.  Let Cynthia know of any venues you wish to consider for showing these.  Marybeth suggested Plaza Diane in Powell as one of the venues.

Laura wore a beautiful Shakespearean-looking coat that a friend made for her from recycled sweaters and garments, so I will use that as our photo for this month.

Just learned that Brooke won Best of Show at Quilt National 2013.  Congrats Brooke!

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 2013, Line

The April Design Element was Line
WAV members experimented with Line for this month's lesson.  The photo shows each member's interpretation, including: a line drawing of a NYC skyline; movement created by line; visual texture created by shadows of the quilt lines, positive and negative expressions of lines, etc.

Since Cheryl missed last month's meeting, she showed us both Line and Color this month.
She mentioned color quantity and ratios when describing her Color piece (upper left corner), which was a new concept to some of us and a good refresher for others.

Pegee provided a program on Pieced Strips, as taught by Carol Taylor.  This is another way to include line in quilts.

Cynthia reminded us that our Challenge on the artist canvases are due next meeting.  One should be 24" x 36" and the companion piece is 8" x 10", vertical orientation.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 2013, Color

 The design element for March was Color.  Participating members were: Cynthia, Linda M, Linda J, Linda C, Wanda, Kathy H, Laura, Phyllis, and  Marybeth.

This inspiring group brought samples varying from monochromatic and graduating color values to full color melted crayon creations.

The book New Twist on Strips & Curves by Louisa L Smith was passed around.  Wanda showed a wonderful stripped piece she is working on, and Cynthia hung it from the stairwell so we could all see it in its entirety.  This is a wonderful piece.

Linda C gave a program on her couturier sewing class in San Francisco, and showed several gorgeous pieces she is designing.
She also brought lots of hand-dyed silk scarves, and examples of ice dyeing.

Linda J gave a demo on the many ways to tie and wear scarves.  She needs to write a book about this.

Brooke mentioned the Bozeman Public Library is accepting exhibitions, and this could be a possible venue for our canvas challenge.  Reminder:  The canvas challenge is due at the May meeting.

This was another fun and inspiring meeting. Thank you to all of you for sharing your talent.  Next month our design element is Line.

Monday, February 18, 2013

February 2013

Cynthia opened the meeting with a program on her method of binding quilts which incorporates the binding as part of the art.  She also showed several examples of how to mount quilts onto artist's canvas.  This was a very informative program which will help us all with our upcoming challenge.  We will be doing two pieces: one 24" x 36"; and a related piece on an 8" x 10" canvas, both in vertical orientation.

Our design principle for this month was Balance.  It was noted that if our piece is in balance we will feel at ease with it.  If it is unbalanced we will be uncomfortable with it.  We instinctively know it when something is out of balance.  Kathy H had an interesting piece with individual parts that could be change around until you personally felt comfortable with the balance (lowest portion of the photo). Everyone explained the concept behind the piece they created, and a helpful critique followed.

Linda M brought a copy of the book Art + Quilt: Design Principles and Creativity Exercises, by Lyric Kinard.  It is coincidentally set up like our meetings this year, as it includes learning exercises to make 8 x 10 examples of the elements of art and design principles.  Very helpful for those of us without an art background.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 2013

WAV met on January 20th with nine members present, and began our new format of critiquing our work on design elements. Repetition was the element selected for January and we posted our art on the new design wall that Cynthia provided.  While it is a challenge working in this small format, it was agreed that this is a great starting point for larger works.

Cheryl gave the program using Colorless Extender with tissue paper.  This product is similar to matte medium.