Monday, August 19, 2013

August 2013

If you missed the August meeting, you missed a good time and lively discussions.  I am grateful to be part of this inspiring and encouraging group.

The meeting opened with a discussion about our Stretching Boundaries exhibit.  Linda M gave an email of interest expressed by Sue Blakley who heads up the WY Fiber Art Trails project.  Ms. Blakely has many connections throughout Wyoming, and wants more information about our exhibit so she can contact others about possible venues.  Kathy H knows her and told more about her activities.
Cynthia mentioned that some venues want a fee, and the question of shipping costs was discussed.  We decided to provide $10 for each piece we submitted to the exhibit to cover any shipping and fees.  Cynthia collected the "pot" to give to Phyllis who was not present.

It was a great meeting, and, unfortunately, I forgot my camera to record it for this site.  The design element for August was Perspective.
Linda M showed the piece with her granddaughters walking down the railroad tracts (to infinity), and a work in progress with glass bottles reflected on a glass shelf.
Kathy H enlarged photos she took of rock formations which looked like faces in the rocks, and explained she may begin a series with these images as inspiration;
Pegee had a baseball diamond with a bat and a ball flying thru the air, either toward the bat, or away from the bat, depending on your interpretation;
Cheryll's piece was a close-up of part of a flower (a bug's eye view), and since she will miss the next meeting she also made two pieces showing Proportion and Scale.;
Laura showed black and white leaves, with some overlapping others for depth;
Cynthia' view of windmills became smaller as they faded into the distance; and
Wanda's piece was the silhouette of a girl in the corner of a room, looking outward.
All were great interpretations of perspective.

There was a discussion on similarities and differences between Proportion and Scale.  As I understood it, it was decided that Proportion is parts to a whole. such as 3/4 sky to 1/4 land in a landscape.  Proportion is next month's design element.  If I misinterpreted this, please correct me.  Scale is the same object but shown in different sizes.  I think we are all learning a lot using the design elements as our monthly theme.

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