Friday, May 21, 2010

All sewn together, next I dampen and straighten, and then decide on how to finish the edge. I have an idea!

The pieces placed on my design wall and the back in progress.

C5 Rebecca True, WAV

C4 Karen Herberger, TAGY

C3 Kathy Lichtendahl, WAV/TAGY

C2 Cynthia St Charles, WAV

C1 Lyn Wolf Jackson, WAV

B5 Kathy Hammond, WAV/TAGY

B4 Lyn Banks, WAV

B3 Jeanne Knudsen, WAV/TAGY

B2 Jane R Neale, WAV/TAGY

B1 Pegee Haman, WAV

A5 LindaMacDonald WAV

A4 Barbara Harrison TAGY

A3 Wanda Nelson, WAV with her piece of the photo

A2 Brooke Atherton, WAV

Pieces by Individual Artists

A1 Jeannette Brewster, TAGY

WAV/TAGY Photo Challenge process

A challenge was issued to the WAV and TAGY artists to receive 1/15th of a photograph, make a fabric art composition 8.5" x 11", and return to WAV quilted with open edges by May. The photograph was taken by Cynthia St Charles on a hiking trip. All the artists fulfilled their commitment. I am now assembling the fabric pieces back into the whole and having so much fun, I wanted to share the process. Drum rolls, please!