Monday, July 20, 2015

With many members traveling, some post surgery,  and others caring for family members, we had five members present for the July meeting.  We did not have food nor did we exchange Christmas gifts in July as expected, but we had a great artistic time.  We had one of the longest meetings on record.  We started with Brooke's "in progress" pieces for her exhibit at the Emerson in Bozeman this fall.  Since she had shared the beginnings last month, these pieces have morphed in her special way although they are not near finishing.  Have you ever seen hand pieced tea bags before?  We played with placement of a movie set prairie dress that will be included along with repurposed fabric and tattered quilts.

Members also volunteered to cut hexies from Brooke's deconstructed cloth to help with the interactive portion of the Emerson exhibit.   This interactive portion led to a discussion of heritage, family beginnings, our nation's melting pot influences in art, and how all of this affects our art and our artistic bucket lists.

Cheryl Wittmayer shared a few (haha) of her new tops and discussed her objectives with each one.  The objectives that came after "just having fun sewing", of course.

There was more discussion on this year's art challenge.  It was decided in February, we would explore Neutral Colors.  For some this will develop into a series; for others, it will be a continuation of the Neutral Colors design shown earlier this year.  While not a locked in challenge, taking your earlier neutral colored design idea or just continuing your neutral colors theme, this is the challenge.  (1)  Define your parameters.  This is a thing that won't change as your design develops.  Consider your technique, size, colors.  Your choice on what you wish to focus upon. Pick something that will not change from the last piece.  (2) How did you use color, shape, texture and/or line?  How important or dominant part of the work are they?  What three things did you love about your design or use of neutrals?  What three things did you think you could do better?

The idea is to share this continuing challenge in the next meetings with a grand show and tell at the December meeting.  You can work on one piece or have many in this group/idea.  

See you August 16th. !!