Friday, January 12, 2007

I've just returned from my wolf-watching trip to Yellowstone which turned out to be more of an adventure than expected because of a rather aggressive stomach virus! Since I am in charge of the January program, I thought I would post a supply list for the exercise. I will be showing how to make three beaded finishes for fabric pieces. I hope participants will bring their own supplies and follow along but you are welcome to observe if you don't want to play.
Please bring:
- small pieces of fabric
- a variety of beads including a good supply of at least one color and size of seed bead
- thread such as silamide, nymo or fireline (I will have big spools so don't go out and buy any)
- scissors, thimble, needles (I use Roxannes #11 Quilting Sharps 90% of the time)
We will also be picking a line from a book for our first six month challenge of 2007. So please also bring a book that has at least 100 pages. You may bring two books if you wish but I urge you to not think too long and hard about the book itself. We will be choosing the page and the line in a totally random manner and you may be surprised to find that a travel guide provides a better subject than a book on poetry.
See everyone on the 21st!

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