Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Book Challenge

In January of this year the members of WAV started a six month challenge. We were to each take a book to the meeting and then, based on numbers drawn out of a hat, go to the indicated page and line and use whatever sentence we found there to create a finished piece. The results were shown at the June meeting. Cynthia St. Charles took some of the photos and I took others. The first photo shown here is of a quilt by Linda MacDonald called "Tyrannosaur Canyon". The 15" x 18" piece was inspired by the line "...corners with stones. He took a moment to orient himself." from the book Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston. I really need to take another photo of the back of the quilt as Linda stitched in the shapes of two T. Rex that are not obvious from the front.
The photo below is of the quilt made by Jane Neale for the challenge. This piece is 10 1/2" x 8 1/2" excluding trim. Jane's line was "...river running and watched the hawk glide lazily overhead." from Call the River Home by Frances Patton Statham. One of the most amazing things about Jane and Linda's work is that they just joined WAV and found out about the challenge a month ago and yet they still managed to finish two beautiful pieces on time!

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