Friday, August 24, 2007

August WAV Meeting

Cynthia hosted the WAV meeting for August. She shared her pictures from the Beartooth Llama trip with Kathy Lichtendahl, Jeanne Knudsen and Teri Lang - all quilters. She also showed her collection of vintage haori (usually worn in Japan as a coat or jacket )- ordered directly from an online Japanese flea market.

Interested? Here is the link to

Kathy brought a work in progress - her Page 110, Line 9 Challenge - from a Harry Potter book.

Kathy shared her thread painting project from Quilt Wyoming.

Cheryl sews the sleeve on one of her latest patterns - a stunner. To see Cheryl's current pattern releases - check out her website.

Wanda's latest piece.

Brooke was camping last week, and completed these neck pieces using linoleum chips, organza, vintage photographs, glass beads and materials gathered from the campsite.

These neck pieces also employ the use of some of the fabric from the Giveaway. To learn more about the Fabric Giveaway, visit Brooke's blog.

Brooke shares some of her work done using her new Embellisher machine.

Cynthia finally finished her Page 110, Line 9 Challenge piece. To read more about the process involved in the development of this piece, visit Cynthia's blog, where you can also find pictures from the Beartooth Llama trip.

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