Sunday, January 20, 2008

The faces portrait challenge.
Lyn Jackson's pieced and collaged piece by her and about her.
About Jackie M by Lyn J.
About Lyn J made by Sylvia W.
About Jackie M made by Sherry W.
About Sherry W. made by Sylvia W.

Piece in progress "Morning in the Desert" by Lyn J.
Ready to bind! This quilt started years ago with pieces given to me by Helen Eckert which I used to make a lopsided log cabin. I used five mirrors which I beaded onto the quilt with bead colors that represent five special friends.

The Houston faces challenge again!
Pegee Haman with her new pieces.
Below are Cynthia's new dye and stamped fabrics at their first stage of development.

Below is Brooke's new piece using a recycled quilt, actual piece of a blown tire, and other items representing a camping trip not to be repeated.
Three of Brooke's layered, collaged, threadworked pieces in a new composition. This may not be the final version.
Details of Brooke's art above.

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