Monday, February 18, 2008

February WAV meeting

February WAV meeting - Sunday , February 17 at 2914 First Avenue NorthBrooke shared some of her newest creations. These are constructed from her Give Away Fabric. To learn more about the Fabric Give Away, visit this blog link.

Last fall, Brooke made garments for friends going to International Quilt Festival in Houston. She is converting some of their garments into wall hangings now.

The wonderful shredded shibori texture is a result of Brooke's technique for wrapping the fabric around a stick and "roasting" it over the campfire!

The background of this piece has been dyed with rust.

Brooke hosted the February meeting and her presentation was on needle felting.
She brought many wonderful samples as well as her needle felting machine.

Pegee brought a felted vest that she made many years ago.
This is constructed of wool and silk fibers.

She made this vest all in one piece back when she was weaving.

Brooke enjoys recycling fabrics by using items she finds at the thrift shop in her work.
These felted pieces were done on some damask napkins.

Cindy St Charles brought three pieces to show - each was embellished with her hand cut stamps.
This one was an old pieced top resurrected from the UFO drawer and enhanced with stamping.

This piece - "For the Birds" was inspired by the bird activity at the birdfeeder this winter.

This is another in the Windows series.

Pegee brought a piece constructed many years ago in a workshop with Nancy Crow.
Cheryl was also resurrecting pieces she found while cleaning her studio.
She said she cannot remember making this:

Cheryl has done a series of table runners using the Give Away fabric.

Cheryl said this one may be a pattern.

This quilt of Cheryl's was inspired by a magazine pattern. All agreed hers looks better than the one in the magazine.

Linda R. brought some of her recent work. This piece is a photo printed on organza layered over an angelina sheet and machine embroidered. Kathy (helping hold the quilt) drove 3 hours on snowpacked roads to get to our February meeting!

This piece has been stamped and quilted with metallic threads.

More interesting layers from Linda's studio.
Linda braved 12" snows at her place and a long drive to attend our meeting.

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