Monday, October 19, 2009

Growth Thru Art Fundraiser

Doll Pins made by Cynthia (above).
Wall hanging created by Marybeth
Below, wall hanging created by Rebecca.

Above, small pillows created by Denise
Below, pillow created by Kathy H.

Two small shoulder bags created by Kathy L.

Above, large square fabric bowl created by Jeanne.

Above, Fish Wall Hanging by Rebecca.
Below, pillow created by Brooke.

Below, pillow created by Linda J.

Peace pillow created by Linda J.

Pillow created by Kathy H.

Woven pillow created by Pegee.

Floral pillow created by Wanda, above.

Fabric vase created by Lyn B.

Fabric Journals created by Cynthia

Above, cup cozies created by Kathy L.

Small bowl above by Jeanne
Bird mobile created by Cynthia

Front and back views of a bag created by Linda M


Anonymous said...


Please respond to this comment by leaving another comment. How can I contact Linda J above. She made the tie dye and peace pillows. I would like to try to get one of each. I think they are very unique and would like to try to obtain a set with her autograph.

Thank You

Cynthia St Charles said...

I am reluctant to put Linda's email on the blog, but she is a contributor to this blog and you can find her on the sidebar. If you click on her name, it should take you to her profile and you can contact her that way. Alternatively, you can send an email to me directly at and I will forward it on to Linda. You are showing up as no-reply - so anonymous.