Friday, July 6, 2012

July 2012

The WAV group decided to suspend its monthly meetings for the summer because so many of us are off travelling.  But I am wondering what you all are doing when you are at home?  Have you tried any new techniques?

Six of our TAGY members (WAV's sister group in Wyoming) got together the morning of the 4th of July
before all the family gatherings and fireworks got under way.  We tried ice dyeing.  After soaking the fabric in soda ash, we scrunched it up into colanders and covered them with ice cubes.  Next we sprinkled dye powder over the ice cubes and set them aside to melt.  Some of the more creative members made ice cube parfaits with layers of fabric ice and die.  We each took them home to "set" and wash out later, and I am hearing of some fantastic results.  I will try to put up some photos next week, before taking off for Lake Tahoe.

Other news: Jeanne K was in the Spotlight on the NQA web site in June, and Linda M is in the spotlight for July   Click on the photo to see the quilts.
Have a great summer.

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