Monday, February 17, 2014

February 2014

Warm Colors
was our theme for February, and a few of the pieces are shown below.
We all needed warm colors after the cold below zero weather we have had lately.

Present at the February meeting were: Linda J, Lynn, Brooke, Laura, Kathy H, Marybeth, Cheryl, Pegee, Linda M, and Wanda.

We discussed our canvas Stretching Boundaries exhibit which is currently at Thermopolis, WY.  It was decided that we should wait until each show is over before setting up the next show, in case some of the pieces sell.  Brooke provided Kathy with a substitute piece for the show.  Kathy mentioned the small canvas (8" x 10") is difficult to transport, and suggested we make a cloth bag for it and attach it to the back of the frame of the large canvas. Pegee will purchase hanging wire and supplies and will attach to the canvases when they return.

There was a discussion on pricing, and various ways to do this. We agreed to send our sale price to Kathy ASAP.  

Brooke told about a new website of Robert Shaw's which displays artists works:

Linda M passed around a copy of the hanging system used on the Beneath the Southern Sky exhibit in Australia.  Since that show will be shown at both quilt shows and galleries, they devised a hanging system that will work for both venues.  In addition to the 4" hanging sleeve, there is also a strip with velcro that can be opened up for hanging at a gallery.  This is something we might consider for future challenges.
See the instructions here:

February was another fun and inspiring meeting.  Next month's challenge is Cool Colors.

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