Thursday, March 8, 2007

Kathy Lichtendahl's stunning handpainted and quilted coat.
Here is a display of work from Cynthia St Charles. All of these items have been published in magazines and are displayed with the magazines on the table opened to the page showing the pieces.

This grouping is from the WAV Year Long Challenge. This is the work of Kathy Hammond and Kathy Lichtendahl. A doll by Evelyn Lawson is displayed in the glass case on the table.

This display includes journal quilts by Linda Jackson, Kathy Lichtendahl and Cynthia St Charles, all of whom had pages published in "Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project". This image also includes Year Long Challenge pieces by Wanda Nelson and Cynthia St Charles. This display also includes a number of works by Brooke Atherton and Kathy Lichtendahl.

Organizer Brooke Atherton (right) chats with a visitor. Between them is Brooke's commemorative piece, "20 Feet", which was inspired by the depth of the flood waters in New Orleans after Katrina struck. Behind Brooke, you can see works by Linda Jackson, Cheryl Wittmayer, and Kathy Lichtendahl.

Brooke Atherton's incredible red vest.

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