Sunday, April 15, 2007

April WAV Meeting

Brooke hosts the April meeting and shares information about her latest project.

She has received a huge supply of leftover fabrics from a very large and prominent company in the garment industry. Boxes and boxes of cotton knit fabrics in a wide range of colors have arrived to fill her garage. Rescued from the incinerator (the usual destination for factory leftovers at the end of each design season), Brooke plans to distribute these goods to artists around the world.

Brooke has created a number of projects herself, offered here as insipiration and as a way of sharing some of the potential possibilities for this fabric.

Brooke put together a beautiful spread as the finale to her presentation. Yes. It tasted as good as it looked!

The official "unveiling" of the project is scheduled for Sunday, April 22 at the U-Haul on Main Street. 1:00. Free fabric for art, and refreshments have been promised for all who show up for the event.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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