Monday, November 19, 2007

November WAV Meeting

The November WAV meeting was held at 1:00 on Sunday, November 18 at the Yellowstone Art Museum.

Cindy brought copies of some of her current and past magazine subscriptions to share. Kathy and Brooke also contributed some of their favorites and suggestions for resources.
Cheryl has two new quilt tops done.
Wanda brought her Line 9 Challenge, from "Scarlet".
Cindy has been working on a jacket using the give away fabric. This was layered with silk, quilted, cut away, and overdyed. She has more beads to add before calling it finished.
Cindy's third in the Windows series.
Flat Stanley came for a visit (posing above wearing a Shriners uniform and below with Kathy and the fabric giveaway octopus). We also had a visit from Carol and Bret, who is now 8 months old.
More of Flat Stanley, Kathy, Carol and Bret.

One of Kathy's challenge pieces (above). Below is Kathy's piece for "Its Good to Be Green" show curated by Larkin Van Horn.
Below is Brooke's piece for Larkin's "Its Good to be Green" show.

Brooke and her "Miniatures" group gift for a member who moved away.

Linda has made a bag from the giveaway fabric.

Kathy facilitated an introduction to gelatin plate printing. Several members gave it a try.

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