Monday, December 24, 2007

December 2007 WAV Meeting

Discarded Shriner uniforms were brought in by Brooke. In the photo the old uniforms are being tried on by Wanda, Linda M, Jane, Kathy L, and Kathy H. We all plan to use them (or parts of them) in some way.

These photos of the December WAV meeting were taken by Jane Neale. I was unable to upload them with my slow phone line, but now have a satelite connection, so will be able to get them up sooner in the future.

Below, Jeanne K shows off her "found things" quilt.
Linda R tried some photo transfer, and showed her quilt in progress.

Below left is Wanda opening her gift in the gift exchange.
Brooke's project is shown below right, which was part of her gift exchange.

The theme for the gift exchange was "book", and many beautiful things were made, as you can see by the photo.
Anyone who wishes to add their photos or comments is welcome to do so.

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