Monday, March 17, 2014

March 2014 Meeting


This month's challenge was Cool Colors.  Not only did we make art with these colors, but most of us wore cool colored clothing as well.

The meeting opened with a discussion about our canvas exhibit in Thermopolis.  Kathy stated they are willing to keep our art there another month.  Some people have not yet sent their sale prices to Kathy, so this is your reminder to get that information to her.

It was decided that if an art piece sells at one venue, it must be replaced for the next venue.  If that artist doesn't want to replace their piece, another artist can submit a replacement.  Kathy will update the notebook by removing the old information and adding the new.  The notebook will then be ready to accompany the exhibit to the next venue.

We did not decide on an end date for this exhibit.  Linda J is talking to galleries in MT about further showings.

Big Sky Quilt Retreat
Brooke and Linda J talked about the Big Sky event that will take place in Billings the week of March 19, 2015.  Vicki Pignatelli will be one of the teachers.  She was the founder of the Sacred Threads exhibits, which has now been taken over by Lisa Ellis. For more info about Sacred Threads, click here 

Marybeth has reserved the Plaza Diane gallery in Powell for March 2015.  The entire building will be available for WAV and TAGY fiber art groups' displays.

Pegee offered to bring in her silk kimonos next meeting for us to snip and share.  A challenge using the silk pieces was suggested.  Marybeth said she would bring Artist's Tissue (bleeding tissue) paper to share as well.

This month's Cool Color pieces were passed around for critique and comments. Interesting techniques include: needle-felting, thread-painting, stamping and block printing, piecing; and applique.

Next month's challenge is Pure Colors (primary colors).

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