Wednesday, May 21, 2014

April - May 2014

The monthly challenge for April was Primary Colors.
Since I missed this meeting, I don't have photos for pieces made with these colors.  Kathy H returned the unsold Canvas Challenge pieces from Thermopolis, WY.

The challenge for May was Muted Colors.
Muted Colors
Muted colors have black or grey added.  If using paint or dye you can also obtain muted colors by adding a bit of the complimentary color.

The photo below shows three pieces made with muted colors.
Following the meeting we were hit with a hail storm.  Linda Mac and Marybeth drove under a bank canopy (drive-up ATM) and waited out the storm there.  Others weren't so lucky and have damage to their vehicles, and I hear Cynthia had broken windows in her home.  Muted colors = dark grey clouds.

Next month's challenge will be Secondary Colors:  green, orange, and purple..  These are the colors formed by mixing the primary colors. We will be meeting early (June 8th) at Cynthia's home, where, hopefully, the iris will be in bloom (providing the hail storm didn't destroy them all.)

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Tanith J. Daugherty said...

At the July meeting, there was a question posed of what fabric I had used that was gold with the factory printing. The answer is:
Paint Box by Lonnie Rossi for Andover Fabrics Inc Patt #3543 -