Thursday, December 14, 2006

It has been a week for working in the studio. The timing is good as it is far too windy to do much of anything outside. We have had numerous gusts in Clark topping 100mph and the forecasters are saying the worst is still to come tomorrow! We were trying to wean two of our baby llamas but decided to let them stay with their mamas for another few days until the worst of the wind is past. Most of what I have accomplished over the last few days has to stay veiled until after the WAV party on Sunday but I thought I would post a small photo of my latest Secret Sister bag. This has been a fun year-long project as I have made a different fabric bag each month. I wish I had been taking pictures all along as each one is an original design and each has some unique feature such as funky embellishments or an original closure. The Christmas bag is quite a bit bigger than the others and features a closure with two finished button holes allowing the gold ribbon to thread through and be tied in the front in a big bow. It also has a fabric handle. Above all else, this has been a great way to use up some of those fabrics in my stash that otherwise would be there forever!

I attended the Christmas Open House at Stone Soup Studios in Cody on Tuesday night. It was good to see Megan M and all her quilts on display amongst all the other artwork.

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