Sunday, December 17, 2006

Women of Artistic Vision Christmas Party and Challenge Gift Exchange

Our small art quilt group met as usual at the Yellowstone Art Museum Education Room. Everyone brought finger food to share, and we had a nice light feast.

We had a very full meeting with the food, scheduling the 2007 calendar, the Bottle Challenge, the Year Long Challenge, Show and Tell and the Gift Exchange Challenge.

This is the fourth time our group has had a gift exchange at the December meeting. Each year, we have had a challenge with some kind of theme. The theme for this year was


Each participant was to create something related to the theme. These were gift wrapped and exchanged in a random drawing.

This is the wallhanging made by Cynthia St Charles. Linda Jackson took this piece home.
The "elbows" are screenprinted images of a Leonardo da Vinci drawing of the movements of
the arm. It shows the skeleton and muscle tissue.

This is the gift made by Wanda Nelson. The figure is missing her "elbows" in this piece.
She picked up this scarf at the International Quilt Festival last fall, and added the border, then added beading and machine quilting.

This is the gift made by Kathy Hammond - Kathy Lichtendahl took it home.
There are two pictures of this two sided gift. Kathy asked her fourth graders
to brainstorm for ideas about elbows. These were added to one side of this piece.
(top picture). The picture below shows a series of recipes using elbow macaroni.

Jeanne Knudsen with the gift she received from Kathy Lichtendahl
(sitting next to her).
Kathy created a block that looked like an elbow, then put 16 of them together
to make this wall hanging.

Kathy Hammond holding the gift she received from Kathy Lichtendahl.
Kathy created a framework using plumbers "elbows", then made a fabric box with sleeves that fit into the pipe. There are places to insert pictures on all four sides, and Kathy inserted pictures of her elbows, her hubby's elbows and her cat's elbows.

Brooke Atherton shows off the gift she received - made by Cheryl Wittmayer.
Linda Jackson is seated to Brooke's left. Cheryl hand quilted this piece in big stitch.
There are many "elbows" in the lines of the stitching on this colorful quilt.

Brooke Atherton explains the details of her gift to Cheryl Wittmayer. Brooke included
a photocopy of her elbow on the back of the long white sheet of paper. This is lined with fabric (organza?) and painted on the opposite side, with stitching added. The elbow piece hangs over the stick on the quilted background (at the bend of the elbow). The quilted foundation will be embellished with a calendar. Brooke will add objects that Cheryl provides to be sewn into pockets
on the quilted background.

*I failed to get a photograph of the gift Linda Jackson made, that Wanda Nelson took home. Does anyone have a picture we can add to make this post complete?
Thanks, Cynthia

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