Saturday, December 9, 2006

Yesterday was a great day. Not only was it beautiful and warm, but I got a lot done in my studio. My day started off by finding out that the "Fabled Fibers" quilts will be on exhibit at IQF in Houston next fall. This is the second time I have participated in a challenge managed by Ann Flaherty and both times she has pulled off something amazing. I will gladly participate in anything she wants to set up in the future. I spent quite a few hours in the studio working on my two "Elbows" projects for the WAV Christmas party next Sunday. I finished one and have the other one down to about an hour's worth of work left. I am really happy with them both but I am not sure what it says about me that I have spent hours (days) working on two silly little projects that I will give away and that will probably be put at the back of someone's closet and never looked at again. On second thought, I don't think I want to know. I also spent some time working on my fabric bottle for Brooke A. She will use them as centerpieces at the quilt show in Billings this summer. I will post photos of all the above once the party is over December 17. I also took some time yesterday to sign up for an art class at NorthWest College next semester. It is called "Art in the Wild" and is a little different because the entire class is done over four days in April at the field campus in the Beartooth Mountains. I will probably be 30 years older than most of the participants but I am looking forward to it anyway. The instructor let me sign up despite the fact that I have not taken the required prerequisite courses based on the agreement that he can change his mind if he wants to after he gets to examine my sketchbook. I am not worried. Since the Robert Bateman retreat in Yellowstone in October I have been drawing pretty much everyday and my sketchbook is getting full of images of flora and fauna of the area. So today's agenda includes finishing my second "elbow", finishing my bottle, working on my third "Island" piece, creating blocks for the Christmas exchange at the Cody Guild (the day after the WAV meeting) and making a present for my Guild Secret Sister. I think I will be glad when Christmas is over.

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Art Quilters said...

I enjoyed reading about what you are up to and look forward to seeing the results of your labors. I put a lot of energy and time into my WAV Christmas gift as well as my centerpiece too. I think people will appreciate them and optomistically hope they will be enjoyed and not hidden in a closet someday. I promise if I am lucky enough to get one of yours - it will have a place on the wall in my house or studio! Cindy